Idlewild’s Story Book Forest Improves Its Signage

In the past, I have pointed out copy-editing weaknesses at Story Book Forest at Idlewild Park, in southwestern PA.  When I was last there, shortly before Halloween, my son stopped in his tracks and said, “They repainted the Little Miss Muffet Sign!”

And he was right… they repainted some of the signs. Just now, when I was clearing out my camera’s SD card, I noticed I had a set of before and after photos. Here’s one sign in September 2005:

Here’s the same sign in October, 2008.

I must say I rather miss the webbing, and the lettering for “Little Miss Muffet” is almost illegible. (What’s the deal with the vines?) The new sign omits the period after “whey,” so that the revision is now a run-on sentence. But at least the egregious “besider” error has been fixed.