Picasa 3 Screen Capture Bug

I’ve been using Google’s Picasa for years. It’s a very efficient tool for sorting, cropping, and otherwise tweaking images, and it’s integrated with Google’s online photo album and Google’s YouTube service, so it’s very convenient. It’s also behaving very strangely.

After I updated recently to Picass 3, I notice that, every second the program is active, it dumps a 3-megabyte screen capture into a “My Pictures/Picasa/Screen Capture” folder, which very soon fills up my hard drive. Here’s the screen capture Google took when I noticed that the folder contained a screen capture of me looking at the screen capture folder.

I’m using a brand new Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC with Windows XP service Pack 3 (for anyone out there who might be searching online for those terms).  I’ve dutifully checked the forums, and I wonder if the problem is something related to the way my Latitude XT treats the “PrtScn” button.  One poster said that the Picasa screen capturing starts when you push shift-insert (which I do all the time when I’m editing). 

It looks like the only way to remove this behavior is to re-install the older Picasa 2.7 (which I have done).  No more Picasa upgrades for me anytime soon.