Magic Tree House: The Musical

Okay, I’m officially lame. I teared up a few days ago during Star Trek, and tonight I teared up during this song from The Magic Treehouse: The Musical, based on a series of easy-reader books by Mary Pope Osbourne. The touring show was in my town tonight; we had front-row seats. The song is a perky, sappy tribute to brotherly and sisterly love, and the lyrics perfectly describe my own kids.

Jack: You’re so brave!
Annie: You’re so smart!
Jack: You make me laugh!
Annie: I love your heart!
Annie: I’m the arrow, you’re the bow.
Jack: I’m the tic-tac, you’re the toe!
Annie: You’re the engine.
Jack: You’re the steam.
Annie: I’m the peaches!
Jack: I’m the cream!
Both: What would I do without you?

A tear actually slid down my cheek after the “steam” line, and I reached for my wife’s hand so she could feel it.
I am so lame…

Now I’m going to listen to this song again.