Let e-Readers Be e-Readers: Let's not turn them into all-purpose devices until we get the reading details right.

From a thoughtful review of the Kindle:

The Kindle DX’s five-way joystick is quick, convenient, and expertly
designed. (Plastic Logic’s touch screen really isn’t markedly better
than using Amazon’s joy stick, but that’s because the touch options are
fairly rudimentary.) The problem is the dearth of good places to direct
the cursor.

That’s a real shame because one thing we’ve learned over the last
two decades in journalism is that information architecture is
everything. Charticles, sections, deep captions, multiple points of
entry, these are the hallmarks of journalistic innovation–and
successful careers–for this generation of editors and readers. But all
of that has been thrown out with the E Ink interface. We’re back in the
days of William Shawn’s New Yorker with no table of contents and bylines at the end of the article. — Marion Maneker, Slate

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