Forty Years of Lunar Lander

Lunar Lander — the game — at 40.

Among the millions who watched the Apollo 11 landing was a 17 year old Massachusetts high school student named Jim Storer. In the fall of 1969, around the time of the Apollo 12 launch,
Storer took his inspiration to class with him. There, he programmed a
simple text-based simulation of humanity’s greatest technological
achievement on his school’s Digital Equipment Corp. PDP-8 minicomputer system.


One thought on “Forty Years of Lunar Lander

  1. This was the VERY first computer game I ever played – on a Commodore PET on which my father wrote his pacemaker control system simulations. I played this over and over and over. Then my dad taught me to read BASIC, and I hacked the game to change the gravity, the time between commands, and more. This game ended up in the Ahl book…

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