Freshman Composition: Who am I as a writer? (200 words)

Many specific things come to mind when I ponder writing a 200 word paragraph on my identity as a writer. First of all, when I think of producing that many words about my writing identity, I think of my ability to start immediately writing, using the first thing that pops into my head, since the word count is so important.  A second tip for producing the required number of words on my identity as a writer is to repeat the assigned writing topic as many times as possible. But most of all, I think of how useful it is to begin with a couple of unrelated points about my identity as a writer, and then bring in a random third point, unrelated to the first two, and by calling it my “most important,” giving the impression that I am building towards a conclusion. Finally, after repeating my points about starting with the first thing that pops into my head, frequently repeating the assigned topic, and picking a random point to call the “most important,” I can squeeze out more words by summarizing what I’ve written. Therefore, I hope these 200 words convey a specific point about who I am as a writer.

6 thoughts on “Freshman Composition: Who am I as a writer? (200 words)

  1. You can be shure. This 200 words say a lot about you a writer but i can imagen how is it when you write more…go on! :)

  2. Interesting… I thought I had edited that so it was exactly 200, but I see now that the editor counted the two instances of the number “200” in a separate category from “words”.

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