Verizon, you are so amusing.

I’ve long been annoyed by the fact that Verizon hijacks my URL typos and sends me to its own lame search service. The opt-out instructions are designed to look pretty ominous, so I decided I’d call Verizon customer support, and have them do a remote connect to my computer and perform the procedure for me.

Okay, so it’s after midnight on a Friday night… but surely someone’s awake in a call center, somewhere in the world.

After following the maze of links for getting contacting Verizon by telephone, I get this screen, which dead ends.
Picture 2.png

I presume there’s supposed to be a phone number or a chat applet or a dancing teddy bear in that box, but it’s empty — both on Firefox and Safari. So my quest to get Verizon to undo its URL hijacking is not over. On the upside, I learned how to do a screen capture on my new MacBook Pro.

I’m blogging the Verizon tech support number so I can find it again — it’s very hard to find it on the website..