Space Sights, Smells Shock Rookie Discovery Astronauts

I remember some years ago reading an article that used a similar strategy to describe exactly what it would feel like to stand on Mars.

One of things Ford wasn’t ready for is the weird smell.

the [spacewalks] there really is a distinct smell of space when they
come back in,” Ford said from the station in a Friday night news
conference. “It’s like…something I haven’t ever smelled before, but
I’ll never forget it. You know how those things stick with you.”

In the past, astronauts have described the smell of space as something akin to gunpowder or ozone.

sounds of spaceflight have also been surprising, especially when
Discovery fires up its large maneuvering thrusters, Ford said. — Fox News

Some of these wacky rookies forgot to strap themselves down while sleeping, and just as the gruff, no-nonsense mission commander is in the conference room asking for a more experienced crew, the snoring rookies float past the camera.  The next morning, they try to make popcorn in the kitchen, and watch with wide eyes as various items ping-pong throughout the cabin, causing a low-gravity chain-reaction that sends a communications satellite to fiery doom.  When a capsule of Soviet cosmonauts starts running out of air, the motley crew of unlikely recruits is the only rescue team available. Will they show NASA they have the right stuff, or will NASA tell them to stuff it?  Starring Don Knotts, Tim Conway, and Leslie Nielsen. Introducing Mischa the Chimp as Dr. Bananas.

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