At a D.C. Station, News Anchors Will Have to Run Their Own Prompters

In a bid to save money, the station is planning to reassign the
technicians who operate the electronic prompters that feed scripted
news copy to the anchors while they’re on the air. Instead, the station
wants its anchors to do the job themselves.


“Instead of orchestrating coverage, fact-checking, handling breaking
news, paying attention to the [newscast], engaging reporters,
questioning authorities, covering bad writing and technical mistakes,
anchors will now spend most of their time” running the prompter, said
one newsroom employee, who asked not to be identified because he’s not
authorized to discuss the change. “It’s kind of like a literal one-man
band — singing, banging a drum, crashing cymbals, playing a trumpet
and strumming a guitar . . . except we’re not playing show tunes here.” Washington Post

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