Blogging in the USA

One of my students posted this on her blog… she’ll be presenting it tonight in class.  I’m looking forward to it!  Here’s a parody, by Meagan Gemperlein

At the beginning of the semester, I had blogged about hating blogging, but really in the end it wasn’t that terrible. I came to see how it can be useful in a classroom setting and help promote classroom discussion. So the song parody is a realization that blogging can only help you understand something and not hurt you.


A Song Parody of “Party in the USA” sung by Miley Cyrus

I started reading Huck Finn mid October with a hope to understand the text

But then who’s this dude who’s talking weird

Woah, gotta be a dialect

Figured out it’s Huck an he’s the main character

The book’s his adventure down the Mississippi River

But this is all so crazy

Cause I can’t understand a word he’s saying

My head is hurting and I’m feeling really confused

Too much reading and I’m uptight

That’s when I mark the page and just move on

I’ll just blog it later on, I’ll just blog it later on, I’ll just blog it late on


So I sign on to my blog and I write my thoughts away

My classmate comment like yeah

And I get new ideas like yeah

So I sign on to my blog

Now I’ll write a thesis that will be OK

Yeah, I’m just blogging in the USA (more)

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