Miep Gies, Anne Frank protector, dies at 100

Hero. No question about it.

Miep Gies, who ensured the diary of Anne Frank did not fall into the hands of Nazis after the teen’s arrest, has died. She was 100.


“More than 20,000 Dutch people helped to hide Jews and
others in need of hiding during those years. I willingly did what I
could to help. My husband did as well. It was not enough,” she says in
the prologue of her memoirs, “Anne Frank Remembered: The Story of the Woman Who Helped to Hide the Frank Family.”

is nothing special about me. I have never wanted special attention. I
was only willing to do what was asked of me and what seemed necessary
at the time.” —CNN

One thought on “Miep Gies, Anne Frank protector, dies at 100

  1. She certainly was a hero and will be sorely missed. I don’t know if you ever read the Freedom Writers (Diaries) or saw the movie (2007) of the same name with Hilary Swank. It was quite inspiring to see how students created reflective journal entries while reading the book, Diary of Anne Frank. Later, the students from California meet Miep Gies when she comes to visit their high school. The students also visit the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, which has exhibits like the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. The book and film were quite moving portrayals that showed the intimate intersections between literacy and life (connections which I also saw by the way in the blogging that students have done in your classes, Dennis). I can’t say enough for the courage of Miep Gies and how it inspires all of us to oppose injustice wherever we find it. Thanks for honoring her passing with your blog entry.

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