Jobs Bans Non C Libraries. Insane Restraint of Trade

Responding to Apple’s most recent legal agreement governing the way apps are developed for the iPhone.  Some popular apps have been written in Adobe Flash and converted to work on the iPhone; this is cumbersome, but at least it lets designers use the Flash skills they already have.  I have no love of no love for Adobe, but I don’t want a bigger, more powerful bully to beat up the annoying bully. I just want the bullying to stop.

This concept of what language something is written in is an insidious concept and strikes at the core of product development and of computer science in general. Everything is built on other stuff, the language provenance of which is often unclear. This language is fundamentally unreasonable, and un-enforceable.
Trying to control where something is originally done is attempting to control the thought process that yields a given result. Because if you thought of it in Java, and wrote it in java, and then, whether by hand or by tool, converted it to C, you are now outside the bounds of 3.3.1. —Hank Williams

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