A fond farewell to the floppy disk

Sony is discontinuing the production of the floppy disk.

I’ve seen the vast excitement over the arrival of VHS tapes – and the
shrug that accompanied their demise. Plus: Betamax
videocassettes, reels of recording tape, DAT tapes, audio cassettes, eight-track cartridges, and 5.25in floppy disks.
Now, Sony announced this
, 3.5in floppy disks are set to join the ranks of dead media. —Wendy Grossman

When my parents were considering buying a video camera, we had the choice of VHS or Betamax.  I told them to buy Sony’s Beta, which was smaller, and had a better quality. That turned out to be a mistake.  VHS soon became the standard, and somewhere in a box we now have unplayable videos of my high school theater productions, and me lip-syncing to Weird Al Yancovic songs.

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