We Think in Public

Using my iPad, I can’t seem to copy and paste an excerpt, so I’ll just recommend Ian Bogost’s essay.

2 thoughts on “We Think in Public

  1. I’m sure it has to do using the web interface for MovableType on the iPad, rather than the iPad itself.
    I’ve been getting to know the iPad interface rather well. Honestly, I would never have bought an iPad for myself, unless there were an Inform 7 app and a Blender3D app. The early meme about the iPad being a tool for consumption rather than creation is only partly true. I have already drafted an annual report and a new assignment rubric, and the art apps are fun for the kids (Drawing Pad, $1.99 — the cost of a cheap set of markers) and surprisingly complex for me (SketchBook Pro, about $7 — the cost of a matinee movie ticket).
    It’s very convenient to have practically instant access to the internet and e-mail — no waiting 5 minutes for the thing to boot up. It’s also good for brainstorming.

  2. Interesting. With my iPod touch I can copy & paste. It wasn’t that way originally, but the released an upgrade that allows for it. Touch and hold a word that you cant to copy, and you get a couple little blue tabs you can pull to make the scroll-over incorporate all the text you want to copy, then select ‘Copy’ — then head to where you want to paste, single tap in the text area, and you should get an option to paste.
    How are you liking the iPad, D?

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