's research on "The Last Page of the Internet"

In 2001, I posted a brief item on “The Last Page of the Internet,” a meme that was already well-established at the time. I did a quick Google search, posted what I found, and added a few comments. used my page as a starting point for a recent item that traces the meme much further back. 

Careful crowdsourcing from an amusing website. Just as I was impressed by the culture of textual citation that arose in Harry Potter fanfic circles, I’m always pleased when I come across an example of research skills in the wild.

One thought on “'s research on "The Last Page of the Internet"

  1. Hey, Jerz. I’m the author of the KnowYourMeme article you mentioned!
    It’s 5:05 AM right now, and I’m going through Google results trying to find more examples of “The Last Page of the Internet”. On Page 13 of the Google results, I happened to click on your blog entry leading me to here, so I thought I’d comment.
    Your research was a helpful starting point for the article. Thanks for mentioning KnowYourMeme in your blog!

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