Upgrading to MovableType 5

Sadly, when I use MT5 from my iPad, the Rich Text formatting window is still inactive, and I am puzzled and annoyed by an advertisement for something called Zemanta. I hope that window stays closed when I close it.
And I still can’t scroll to see the full list of categories. I remember reading somewhere that MT offers an alternate UI for iPad users, but I’ll have to look that up again.
Next order of business, after seeing whether I can post a new entry, is to restore the design of my blog and the other blogs on my site. Wish me luck.

Update: After taking a break to put the kids to bed, I’m back at it.

Zemanta may actually prove useful. We’ll see.

I’ve tracked down a plugin that was not behaving with MT5.  Disabling that plugin also disabled the “Recent Related Comments” feature on my blog. I like that feature and hope I can restore it. Meanwhile, if this page look very plain vanilla, then I’m still working on trying to reconnect the stylesheets.

Update 2

Thinking that it was Zemanta that was slowing my system down, I tried to disable it from the plugins menu, but got a “Can’t call method “label” on unblessed reference” error message. A search on the internet revealed that this message is caused when the template directory is messed up… There are two different directories with the name “templates,” one in the directory where MT is supposed to run programs, and one in the “static” directory.  I guess previous versions of MT were more forgiving about what was in those directories. I deleted and re-installed those directories, and then copied my templates from my old installation one by one. All seems well.

Not only did Zemanta slow down the loading of the edit screen, it also added hard-coded font sizes (an old-fashioned, inflexible way of changing type sizes). I’m not interested in a plugin that messes with the format of my entries, so I’ve deleted the silly thing.

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