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 I’m teaching a “New Media Projects” course, which aims to explore the connections between communication with words (linear, narrative) and communication with programming (interactive, procedural). Out in the wider world, The Poynter Institute hosted this session this week. I’m glad to see the profession moving
beyond digital cameras and blogging.

Programming for Journalists / Journalism for Programmers (N432-10)

Never before have programmers offered so much promise to those who
pursue journalism. Unfortunately, the partnership often fails because
the two groups just don’t know how to work with one another. This new
Poynter seminar can change that. Journalists will learn the programmer’s
mindset, and programmers will learn how to see the world through a
journalist’s eyes. Programmers will teach journalists how to turn data
into usable information — and share great examples of efforts that

Throughout the seminar, participants will discuss how
they can apply what they are learning to the 2010 Census, the results of
which will be released early next year. Together, we’ll learn how to
scope out viable projects that use programming to do the best journalism
we can do.

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