Livetweeting the 1970s Buck Rogers Movie

  1. Soon I will start tweeting the series pilot for the 1979 Gil Gerard Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. #buckrogers
  2. Just from the promo, my son recognized a reused laser sound effect from the original Battlestar Galactica. #buckrogers
  3. I had totally forgotten the flying-through-four-light-blobs warp effect. #buckrogers
  4. I had not forgotten the opening song. But I had forgotten the Xanadu-Barbarella fantasy scene under the opening credits. #buckrogers
  5. Fairly good model of the main bad guy ship, Draconia (according to a
    VoiceOver). Love the medical technobabble as Buck wakes up. #buckroger 
  6. Your flunky handmaidens are upstaging you, Princess Ardala. Though your 80s hair is wonderful. #buckrogers

  1. Thanks for identifying yourself as the ROYAL Princess Ardala, as if there is some other kind of princess. #buckrogers
  2. Hah, it’s funny when the serious space guy takes too much painkiller and giggles. Cause it’s funny, see? #buckrogers
  3. Nice landing bay set… #buckrogers
  4. That pain killer kicked in quickly but lasts a while, apparently. Whatever the script requires! #buckrogers
  5. Thank you, Kane, for that excruciating exposition involving the tracking device you put aboard the ship. #buckrogers
  6. Just a little but of background chatter is a cheap way to create a bustling community. Matte painting of Earth is nice. #buckrogers
  7. Wilma Deering is so serious and professional, to contrast with happy singing Buck. Who seems still to be on the happy juice. #buckrogers
  8. How corny — covering his microphone so the escort ships don’t hear his witty asides about Russia. #buckrogers
  9. I loved Dr. Huer. Like Mr. Roarke — intellectual and clad in white. Never cared for Twiki or his necklace computer master. #buckrogers
  10. That’s a very slow, inefficient door. #buckrogers
  11. “I do believe that you believe that he’s a wonderful man.” They’re trying to set up a Han-Leia thing. #buckrogers
  12. Good locations for the exposition-heavy scenes. Buck is making some big assumptions… “Good faith is for bureaucrats.” #buckrogers
  13. So the future Earth is frozen outside the cities. Pipe-banging mutations. #buckrogers
  14. Smudgepots in a postapocalyptic graveyard scene… #buckrogers
  15. I’m actually surprised the movie has gone on this long before the first fight scene. #buckrogers
  16. It’s Deus Ex Machina time, guys… Or Wilma Ex Tank, that is. And Buck calls her “ballsy.” Sheesh. #buckrogers
  17. Evil Simon devices put Buck on trial. A 30 second defense. Let’s speed this plot along. #buckrogers
  18. How does Wilma get the authority to override the death sentence imposed by the creepy Simon machines? #buckrogers
  19. Didn’t anybody notice that the pirate ships and the Draconia look the same? Same color, same angles? #buckrogers
  20. I just noticed a minaret shape on the Draconia. It fits with the cloak-and-dagger theme. #buckrogers
  21. As corny as the dialog was, the space combat scene is actually pretty good. #buckrogers
  22. We’ll watch clips from this battle sequence, chopped up into different mini-scenes, over and over, throughout the series. #buckrogers
  23. I like the dress uniforms. But sorry, that sound is not the sound of gloved hands clapping. #buckrogers
  24. Woah, I forgot about the space disco sequence, complete with drugs and a rose supplied by the robot. Yes, THIS decade formed me. #buckrogers
  25. “It’s expressive.” “It’s disgusting.” #buckrogers
  26. My 8yo: “Eww, are they done snogging?” #buckrogers
  27. Okay, Twiki hiding in the cooler, griping, “I’m freezing my ball-bearings off.” That made me chuckle. #buckrogers
  28. Sorry, but the dialogue in any classic Trek seduction scene is far better than the one between Buck and the princess. #buckrogers
  29. Boy, Twiki spotted Buck from a distance, in the enemy uniform, pretty quickly. Not a very good disguise. #buckrogers
  30. Uh-oh, popcorn spill.#buckrogers
  31. “That is a not-very-smart round little computer guy,” says the wife. #buckrogers
  32. Wilma just happens to be on phone duty? Isn’t she in charge of defense — why does she ask Huer for permission to scramble? #buckrogers
  33. I had a model Buck Rogers fighter and Draconian marauder when I was a kid. #buckrogers
  34. That stringy beard and Fu Manchu mustache on the emperor… My wife and I don’t remember the emperor’s cameo. #buckrogers
  35. How convenient that these fighter ships have a back seat for rescuing passengers. #buckrogers
  36. Huh. After the big battle, there’s a short character scene in Wilma’s ship, and then the show just ends. #buckrogers
  37. After my 8yo realized the #buckrogers theme is 3/3 time, I taught her to waltz as we sang in the kitchen. “Far beyond this world I know…”

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