PCWorld Farewell, Blogs! Your Days Are Numbered

Somebody controls Facebook, and makes decisions about what Facebook will be like, and how Facebook will make money. Same goes for Twitter. Blogs are different, because no single company decides what blogs will be. Now that people who want to express themselves online have many different choices, and blogs are just the more writerly of the choices, that changes what we expect of blogs.

But Facebook and Twitter offer far more than mere status updates. They’re truly social in a way that blogging simply isn’t. I’d argue that because of this, Facebook and Twitter offer much more value for business compared to blogging.

This makes me sound like a mad Internet evangelist, but bear with me while I explain.

I come across few blogs offered by businesses nowadays, but the ones I choose to follow show how blogging can be a powerful corporate tool, if used correctly. These blogs provide information about products, updates to existing lines, or important company information.PCWorld Farewell, Blogs! Your Days Are Numbered.

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