Any excuse for a song. Plot? We don’t need no steenkin’ plot. #AnythingGoes

  1. 3/2/11 8:48:24 About to start livetweeting the musical #AnythingGoes.
  2. 3/2/11 8:51:09 Bing Crosby, Donald O’Connor. #AnythingGoes
  3. 3/2/11 8:51:56 I saw the Gonzaga High School production in the 80s. Haven’t seen is since. #AnythingGoes
  4. 3/2/11 8:52:58 Any excuse for a song. Plot? We don’t need no steenkin’ plot. #AnythingGoes
  5. 3/2/11 8:54:55 You Gotta Give the People Hokum. (I misheard that line as ‘hope’… Or am I still mishearing it?) #AnythingGoes
  6. 3/2/11 9:01:02 Oh, the coming clash of egos, as O’Connor and Crosby each presume he is the star of the forced collaboration. #AnythingGoes
  7. 3/2/11 9:03:10 Mitzi Gainer old school showstopper #AnythingGoes
  8. 3/2/11 9:07:17 Mystery — Why can’t Mitzi go home to New York? #AnythingGoes
  9. 3/2/11 9:10:26 Mitzi apparently needs her father’s permission to fly back to America? ‘Everything will be just fine!’ dad fake-smiles. #AnythingGoes
  10. 3/2/11 9:13:07 The femme fatale, wearing black, and being French, tells us ‘I Get a Kick out of You.’ #AnythingGoes
  11. 3/2/11 9:21:31 P. G. Wodehouse co-wrote the book. The two stars promised the female lead to two different people. #AnythingGoes
  12. 3/2/11 9:23:52 Now all parties getting on a boat. And planning competing rehearsals. #AnythingGoes
  13. 3/2/11 9:26:01 Cole Porter, You’re the Tops. #AnythingGoes
  14. 3/2/11 9:27:58 Rehearsing the same number with competing leading ladies in adjacent open-air salons… But they don’t hear each other. #AnythingGoes
  15. 3/2/11 9:30:48 The couples are switched… The men (who each consider themselves in charge) are dancing with the other man’s pick. #AnythingGoes
  16. 3/2/11 9:33:11 French girl smiles after Crosby, who wants her off the show. ‘It’s not going to be easy. Thank heaven I’m French.’ #AnythingGoes
  17. 3/2/11 9:36:11 And the mis-matchedness of the couples becomes more evident. #AnythingGoes
  18. 3/2/11 9:39:23 Cole Porter, you’re delightful, you’re delicious, you’re delovely. #AnythingGoes
  19. 3/2/11 9:41:21 Nice bit of character development / girl-next-doorisms during the soft-shoe bit in the Delovely number. #AnythingGoes
  20. 3/2/11 9:48:54 American girl’s father seems to have gambling debts… Now we learn the backstory. #AnythingGoes
  21. 3/2/11 9:50:29 Noble tax collector fibs to protect Mitzi’s dad from shame. #AnythingGoes
  22. 3/2/11 9:54:27 Crosby is trying to break the bad news to the French girl, but is enchantée instead. #AnythingGoes.”
  23. 3/2/11 9:56:17 #AnythingGoes is not holding my 8yo’s attention. Not enough chorus numbers.”
  24. 3/2/11 9:59:08 Ballerina dancing with shoeshine boys in fantasy sequence is holding my 8yo’s attention more than Bing’s crooning. #AnythingGoes
  25. 3/2/11 10:00:34 Curves and muscles on Gaby Duval make her look like she could beat up both leading men, says my wife. #AnythingGoes
  26. 3/2/11 10:03:58 Were there actually a few dancers of color in that number? Hard to tell since the film is colorized. #AnythingGoes
  27. 3/2/11 10:05:22 @VintageReader Mitzi Gaynor plays the American girl, Patsy.”
  28. 3/2/11 10:08:08 Uh oh, the femme fatale has overheard the girl-next-door’s secret. #AnythingGoes
  29. 3/2/11 10:11:40 Donald O’Connor sings to cheer a little girl, even after he sees his dreams crushed. Sad clowns smiling are creepy-sweet. #AnythingGoes
  30. 3/2/11 10:14:15 Little girl dropped the ball after O’Connor’s long complicated ball-based choreography sequence. #AnythingGoes
  31. 3/2/11 10:16:20 Why do these random lederhosen-clad people walk by? #AnythingGoes
  32. 3/2/11 10:19:26 Now both the leading ladies have nobly quit. And the fadeouts and random French sailors are masking the plot developments. #AnythingGoes
  33. 3/2/11 10:23:42 The women dressed up nice in order to snub the captain. Hokey turban-crystal-ball-exotica. Unusual physical comedy for Bing. #AnythingGoes
  34. 3/2/11 10:29:22 Oh, both the girls ran off when the men started working in the love song. But the recursive meta-story comes to the rescue. #AnythingGoes
  35. 3/2/11 10:31:42 Blow, Gabriel, Blow sung by dancers with winged hats. I always thought this number didn’t fit to well into #AnythingGoes.”
  36. 3/2/11 10:36:06 An odd finale, #AnythingGoes

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