LiveTweeting Buck Rogers, “The Planet of the Amazon Women”

  1. 4/26/11 22:47 Soon I’ll be livetweeting another episode of the 1979 #BuckRogers
  2. 4/26/11 22:51 The Planet of the Amazon Women may have nothing to do with the plot, but it’s a great title. #BuckRogers
  3. 4/26/11 23:00 A planet of desperate women… #BuckRogers
  4. 4/26/11 23:01 In the #BuckRogers timeline, NASA launches the last of its shuttle-like craft in 1987.
  5. 4/26/11 23:02 From the previews, it looks like there will actually be a scene with Amazon women, unlike the Planet of the Slave girls ep. #BuckRogers
  6. 4/26/11 23:05 The Amazon Women pretend to be broken down in space to lure in #BuckRogers.
  7. 4/26/11 23:06 That is a familiar-looking matte painting, #BuckRogers
  8. 4/26/11 23:09 An angry glowing Simon box threatens Dr. Huer’s ability to supply Earth with vital plot exposition. #BuckRogers
  9. 4/26/11 23:12 That awkward moment when you have to keep making conversation with the spaceman you had intended to drug into submission. #BuckRogers
  10. 4/26/11 23:14 The guards in the background seem to be having trouble maintaining control over their horses. #BuckRogers
  11. 4/26/11 23:16 Sorry, #BuckRogers, but Kirk’s fights in The Gamesters of Triskellion leaves this fight in the dust.
  12. 4/26/11 23:18 Casting the other prisoners as character actors with, shall we say, distinctive faces makes #BuckRogers look even more the alpha male.
  13. 4/26/11 23:19 Who choreographed that fight sequence, geriatric mimes? #BuckRogers
  14. 4/26/11 23:22 I count 12 Amazon Women in that shot. Not exactly a crowd. #BuckRogers
  15. 4/26/11 23:24 Looks like some effort was made to cast a few multiracial Amazon Women. How culturally sensitive. #BuckRogers
  16. 4/26/11 23:27 There’s a button labeled “distress” on Wilma’s console, that flashes when it receives a distress call. Strange. #BuckRogers
  17. 4/26/11 23:30 So… Don’t leave the military to the men, because if your military is wiped out, you only have helpless women left. #BuckRogers
  18. 4/26/11 23:31 Helpless Amazon women, who quickly develop an economy based on luring and auctioning men. #BuckRogers
  19. 4/26/11 23:39 So Wilma has done nothing other than get captured, then spill Buck’s plan to capture an ambassador. #BuckRogers
  20. 4/26/11 23:40 Buck says, “It’s mid-afternoon on Earth.” Riiiight… #BuckRogers
  21. 4/26/11 23:41 Wilma has caught up quickly. #BuckRogers
  22. 4/26/11 23:42 #BuckRogers, tell Wilma about the shiny black rock you found…
  23. 4/26/11 23:49 Amazon Women wear slinky silk robes to bid on male slaves, but don overalls and boots to welcome their own men home from war. #BuckRogers

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