Superman Renounces [SPOILER] in Action Comics #900 – ComicsAlliance

From a “realistic” standpoint it makes sense; it would indeed be impossible for a nigh-omnipotent being ideologically aligned with America to intercede against injustice beyond American borders without creating enormous political fallout for the U.S. government.While this wouldnt be this first time a profoundly American comic book icon disassociated himself from his national identity — remember when Captain America became Nomad? — this could be a very significant turning point for Superman if its implications carry over into other storylines. Indeed, simply saying that “truth, justice and the American way [is] not enough anymore” is a pretty startling statement from the one man who has always represented those values the most.  — via Superman Renounces [SPOILER] in Action Comics #900 – ComicsAlliance | Comic book culture, news, humor, commentary, and reviews.