“A Story Before Bed” Publisher Seems to be Scraping and Republishing My Blog Content on “Literacy in the Classroom”

According to preterite, Looks like your site is being scraped by someone associated with Hillel Cooperman and the Jackson Fish Market in Seattle, who themselves are associated with the Children’s Book Council and the iPad-oriented company A Story Before Bed. Seems like a pretty rotten thing to do by a company that trumpets its positive publicity. —Mike Edwards Is Mike right? What do you think?


Scraping and Republishing Full Content from Other Blogs

A blog called “literacyintheclassroom.com” seems to be scraping the full content of my blog and republishing on their site. If this post shows up on literacyintheclassroom, we can assume a bot is mindlessly reposting whatever it finds on my site, which seriously calls into question what real value literacyintheclassroom offers. If this post does not appear, then it may be because a human has read it — in which case,…

iPad Usability: Year One Jakob Nielsens Alertbox

A year after our first usability study of iPad apps, it’s nice to see that iPad user interfaces have become decidedly less wacky. It’s even better to see good uptake of several of our recommendations from last year, including apps with: back buttons, broader use of search, homepages, and direct access to articles by touching headlines on the front page. Even so, this year’s testing still found many cases in…