Empty Inbox

My to-do do list and my “Follow Up” folders aren’t empty, but going into the July 4 weekend, it’s nice to see an empty in box. GMail’s strategy or replacing the “delete” button with “archive” means I felt more comfortable moving things out of my in box.  I also like that GMail uses tags, not folders, so that one email can live in multiple groups — like my blog entries.

AOL Hell: An AOL Content Slave Speaks Out « News

“LADY GAGA PANTLESS IN PARIS” is the example given in “The AOL Way” internal documents.  That’s the best possible title. A buzz-worthy topic, a sexy result. It mattered little if Lady Gaga was actually pantless in Paris; it only had to relate somehow to the article as a whole. The entire title could be a come-on, a tease. It might well turn out that Lady Gaga was neither pantless, nor in…