HP begins TouchPad clearance with $99 fire sale

The day I got my Seton Hill iPad, I put my Palm Pilot back into its box. I didn’t even bother to synch it one last time.

I’d been a committed Palm user since about 1997 — longer than I’ve been blogging. If I ever noticed that Hewlett Packard bought out Palm, I’d completely forgotten about it.

The world’s largest PC maker announced Thursday that it would discontinue the webOS smartphone and tablet business that it acquired by purchasing Palm last year. The company is also considering spinning off its high-volume, but low-profit PC business in order to focus on software and services.

The cancellation of the TouchPad has been viewed as a major victory for Apple and the iPad, with some pundits reiterating their belief that the “tablet market” is really only an “iPad market.”

— HP begins TouchPad clearance with $99 fire sale.

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