With More Doctorates in Health Care, a Fight Over a Title

Dr. McCarver calls herself a doctor because she returned to school to earn a doctorate last year, one of thousands of nurses doing the same recently. Doctorates are popping up all over the health professions, and the result is a quiet battle over not only the title “doctor,” but also the money, power and prestige that often comes with it. As more nurses, pharmacists and physical therapists claim this honorific,…

Revision vs. Editing

My first semester as a freshman writing instructor, I jotted the word “redundant” several different places in the margins of a student’s paper, and gave her the opportunity to revise. She returned the paper, having faithfully inserted the word “redundant” wherever I had written it. Clearly, I should have first taught this student about the purpose of revising a paper. (See Revision vs. Editing)