Did the national Emergency Alert System mistakenly play Lady Gaga?

“It’s 2012 and our emergency alert system still sounds like a Speak and Spell and looks like an Atari 2600,” wrote one among a range of instant reactions broadcast on Twitter.  The tweet was apparently a response to the 1960s-style black and white lettering of the television message. — Did the national Emergency Alert System mistakenly play Lady Gaga?


Seek Personal Conflict, not Just a Situational Crisis: National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) Writing Tip

Winning the big game, surviving an illness or a scary car crash, working your way through grief… these are all common topics for personal essays. But in fiction, these kinds of actions are most meaningful when they happen as part of the background to a story that focuses on the inner life of the protagonist. Good storytellers differentiate between a crisis (an emergency, such as a car crash or an illness)…

Jobs Was Right: Adobe Abandons Mobile Flash Development, Report Says | Gadget Lab | Wired.com

Flash became a dominant desktop platform by allowing developers to code interactive games, create animated advertisements and deliver video to any browser that had the plugin installed, without having to take into account the particulars of any given browser. However, with the development of Javascript, CSS, and HTML5, which has native support for video, many web developers are turning away from Flash, which can be a resource hog even on…