The Pump You Pump the Water From

As Christmas Break wanes and my spare time dwindles, I’m going to have to say goodbye to my nightly Blender 3D design sessions. But I’m hoping to keep my creative juices flowing, by reserving at least 20 minutes a day for an interactive fiction work-in-progress.

I’m at a point in my development where I’ve implemented almost all the plot I’ve written. I will soon face, then, the prospect of having to write more of the story. Or, to be more accurate, facing the writer’s block that makes it much more attractive to texture another object or tweak another lighting setup in Blender 3D.

Here’s to words… I won’t always be inspired during the 20 minutes I’ll spend on my story, but if the inspiration strikes, I’ll be ready.

Writing can’t be planned for or predicted, and when it happens, when the surge begins, it brings a satisfaction like nothing else. There are finer sensualities, sure, and basic emotions that give joy or connection when released, but as far as giving me a sustained sense that this is who I am, this is what I do, a full-fathom immersion in writing is the ultimate verification. — Sven Birkerts, The Pump You Pump the Water From.

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