Birthplace of a Robot

Not quite as dramatic as the creation of the evil robotess Maria (in the 1927 Fritz Lang film Metropolis), but more educational. Kids and some dads from my son’s FIRST Robotics Competition club discuss strategy. I’m blogging the process; soon I hope to get the kids involved, but for understandable reasons, they are mostly interested in the robot. JCP Gears 1_12_12 007 | JCP 4-H Gears.

Double-Blind Violin Test: Can You Pick The Strad? : Deceptive Cadence : NPR

They gathered professional violinists in a hotel room in Indianapolis. They had six violins — two Strads, a Guarneri and three modern instruments. Everybody wore dark goggles so they couldn’t see which violin was which. Then the researchers told the musicians: These are all fine violins and at least one is a Stradivarius. Play, then judge the instruments.   Joseph Curtin, a violin-maker from Michigan, was one of the researchers.…