Why am I Getting the Paper?


Newspapers and their fans make a lot of noise about the professionalism of journalism, that journalism needs to be paid for, that the Internet is no substitute for the hard core objectivity and insightful commentary newspapers offer. and so on. Whether these arguments are true or not does not interest me. I have found distortions online and distortions in print. I worked at a newspaper and in trade publishing. My own experience in these jobs does not make these claims any truer. What I do know is that seven papers on my driveway each week will mean seven papers in a recycling plant or in my smoker when I fire up the coals in order to smoke a brisket or whole duck.

None of what I write here, of course, is new to anyone who works in journalism, social media, new media, or related fields. We all know that journalism, like other professional areas (education, entertainment), is under economic pressure and struggles to re-conceptualize the way its content is produced, delivered, and paid for. This struggle is met by a combination of anxiety and boredom.

via Yellow Dog.

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