How to Record Any Audio from your Mac Speakers for Free

Filing this for future reference. Very frustrating limitation on my machine. Of course, simply looping the “speaker out” jack to the “mic in” jack would probably do the trick, but what a stupid, frustrating kludge. Some PCs have the ability to record “what you hear”, but it depends on the PCs soundcard. But on my MacBook Pro, there’s no native way to record the audio you hear. Unless you download…


Crazy, Kinetic, Acoustic Visit to the Carnegie Science Center

A few days ago, I blogged about visiting SportsWorks at the Carnegie Science Center. A couple weeks ago, I brought my son and his friend to see an extended tour of the submarine USS Requin. This post is mostly about visiting the Exploration Station, part of the fourth floor installation that features more of the hands-on, kid-friendly exhibits that make the Carnegie Science Center such a wonderful place.