Student “engagement” declining dramatically – and what schools can do

Makers, take note. Let’s be clear. This is NOT an attack on teachers. That’s because teachers are being pushed hard to focus on standardized, multiple-choice tests. But as the national Gallup organization points out, we should care about this because “Hope, engagement and well being of students accounts for one third of the variance of student success. Yet schools don’t measure these things. Hope, for example, is a better predictor…


Resumes: Top 5 Tips for Job Hunters

I just freshened up an older instructional page, Resumes: Top 5 Tips for Job Hunters. I still need to update the examples, but my advice is pretty much the same as it was in the late 1990s when I posted the first draft. Value the Chance to Try Again Balance Creativity with Function Details, Details, Details Presentation Matters Strike the Right Tone (Don’t Undersell or Overhype Yourself)