Do Black Holes Create New Universes? Physicist Lee Smolin Interview

Can’t wait until we get this end-of-year state-mandated testing/evaluation over with, so my son can go back to reading stuff like this guy’s book.

20130613-104156.jpg“Reality is structured to a series of moments so that anything that is real is real in a moment of time, and if something appears to persist in time, that’s because it’s continually renewing in time, in the moments of time, which are the reality of existence. Any truth about the world is a truth about the world within time — there are no timeless truths. And most importantly, there are no laws of nature that are outside of time. Everything changes, including the laws.” –Lee Smolin,

3 thoughts on “Do Black Holes Create New Universes? Physicist Lee Smolin Interview

  1. Personally, I believe they DO – but like any ‘religion’ or other type of spiritual belief, the grand and at the same time the small (quantum) Universes are only what we choose to think about them.

    I simply cannot imagine any way in the near future (nor even the very distant one) that people could ever actually prove this theory once and for all.

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