Comedian punches reporter who tweet-heckled him at ‘Funniest Celebrity in Washington’ contest

The tweets in question were pretty mild. In my journalism class, we’ve been talking a bit about the value of having a thick skin and taking the high road. Here’s an example of what can happen in the real world.

Stand-up comic Dan Nainan, a comedy club road warrior whose credits include performing for President Obama, was arrested for allegedly punching a reporter in the face Wednesday night after his set at the Washington, D.C. Improv, when he learned that the journalist had been heckling him via Twitter.


Rogin told The Washington Post that the attack took him by surprise. ‘I didn’t think I was being too harsh with him – he’s a professional comedian and I was being a professional journalist,’ he said, before adding: ‘My face hurts.’– Mail Online.

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