Facebook, Now You Remind Me of a Half-Drunk Cocktail Party Schmoozer

Last week, Facebook asked me what sportsing teams I cared about (and helpfully supplied me with a list of the teams I’d be statistically most likely to favor if I had any interest in sportsing).

Now Facebook is asking me what TV shows I’ve  watched. Well, yes, I’ve watched episodes of each of these shows, but I have no particular desire to define my online presence (and thus the marketing targeted to me) by my relationship to any of these shows.

Maybe instead of a drunk cocktail party schmoozer, Facebook is more like a five-year-old who is obsessed with trains, who figures the best way to engage in conversation with an adult is to ask which train he or she likes best. Or which Ninja Turtle, or which Pokemon, or which My Little Pony.

I suppose it would be very easy for me to ignore ads if I went looking for my least favorite TV shows and selected them, but because I have an ad blocker installed, I don’t really see many ads.