Star Wars: TIE Fighter 20th Anniversary Retrospective

imageIn the Star Wars films, the empire is evil to the core. But TIE Fighter let you see the empire from a new perspective. The game didn’t make you feel like a bad person doing bad things, but like a pilot who might reasonably have believed that what he was doing was in the galaxy’s best interests. | Now, some 20 years later, it’s extremely common for games to let you choose to be good or evil, but more often than not, I find that such choices lack any subtlety or nuance. Typically you end up feeling like either a paragon of virtue or a caricature of evil. TIE Fighter dared to put you on the side of the “bad guys” long before most games ventured into such territory, and it explored moral ambiguity better than most games that have come since. You weren’t out to crush the forces of good. You were just trying to maintain order in a chaotic galaxy. —Star Wars: TIE Fighter 20th Anniversary Retrospective – GameSpot.