Why the Weather Channel’s Hype Has Lost Me for Good

After the break, we’ll tell you how important it is for you watch our live WeatherFear (TM) StormPorterCast (TM) Mobile NewsHole Coverage Team tell you to keep watching for the next XtremeSnowFerno (TM) WeatherUnleashed NatureBlast ScareCast (TM), so that the advertising manager can sell your eyeballs (and thus earn enough to buy his kid another Lexus).

This is not a problem with The Weather Channel. It’s a feature of television, which emphasizes immediate emotional impact over nuance and context.

imageDoes it seem right that Winter Storm Juno (death toll so far: two) gets more coverage than the May 2014 mudslide in Afghanistan that buried an entire village, killing thousands? I blame the Weather Channel for America’s meteorological frenzy. — WIRED.

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