Most Christians don’t actually care about Starbucks cups. Here’s what we do know.

No Christians in my social media feed care about the design of that cup. Lots of people in my social media feed have reposted stories critical of the silly Christians who get all worked up about the design of the cup.

Full disclosure: I don’t drink coffee.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 3.19.10 PM[C]ontrary to a few breathless media reports, most Christians don’t actually care what kind of cup their latte is served in, so long as it is hot and comes with a creamy layer of froth on top. It seems an increasing number of believers have finally learned that coercive and heavy-handed tactics like boycotts are not effective ways to influence culture. | Shortly after the Feuerstein’s post went viral, several media outlets reported on the rage of this gaggle of Christian Facebook trolls. Many attempted to argue that the Starbucks cup had sparked sweeping anger among Christians, but the evidence was just not there. —The Washington Post