Carolyn is in PICT Classic Theatre adaptation of Oliver Twist (opened Sat night, runs through Dec 19).

Carolyn is in PICT Classic Theatre's adaptation of Oliver Twist (opened Sat night, runs through Dec 19).[Artistic Director Alan] Stanford had no worries about casting a production that features a youngster in the lead and title role as well as additional kids to play members of Fagin’s gang of pickpockets.

“There are some amazing kids in this town. They work so hard and are so focused,” he says.

Will Sendera, a sixth-grader at Pittsburgh Creative and Performing Arts School, will make his Pict debut as Oliver, and Simon Colker will appear as the Artful Dodger, who recruits Oliver for Fagin’s gang.

In addition, Charity Hipple, Carolyn Jerz and Elliot Pullen, who played last year in Pict’s “Great Expectations,” will return as members of Fagin’s gang, along with Jacob Epstein, Dan Harmon, Justin Bees and Lance Wilhelm, who will make their Pict debuts as young pickpockets.

Adults in the cast include Pict regulars James FitzGerald as Fagin; Karen Baum as Nancy, a former member of Fagin’s gang and a woman of ill repute; Tony Bingham as Nancy’s abusive boyfriend, Bill Sykes; David Cabot as the corrupt orphanage beadle Mr. Bumble; and Martin Giles as Oliver’s rescuer Mr. Brownlow.

Bridget Connors makes her Pict debut as the orphanage’s matron, Mrs. Corney. —Tribune Review

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