Why won’t the University of Maryland talk about the chocolate milk/concussion study it was so eager to promote?

I took note of this University of Maryland chocolate milk press release while prepping a freshman writing class. What a PR disaster. Here’s an update:

Screen-Shot-2016-01-13-at-11.13.34-AM-1University of Maryland issue multiple news releases about a health research project… and then decline to talk about it? That’s just one of the questions piling up about research involving high school football players, concussions and a brand of chocolate milk.


While the University of Maryland program invited reporters to regurgitate their news releases, when I started asking questions, the invitation to report on this research was rescinded.

I asked [the news office contact listed on the news release, Eric] Schurr for a chance to speak with him about the decision to issue a news release on a project that suddenly was too “preliminary” to talk about. He referred me to Crystal Brown, Chief Communications Officer for the University of Maryland. She asked me by email what information I needed for my story. After I told her that I had questions about the university’s policies on issuing news releases and the decision to not provide study details, she wrote back, “Thanks for your interest in an interview, but I must respectfully decline at this time.  However, I’m happy to alk with you once a paper is published on this research and there is more conclusive information to share.” —HealthNewsReview.org