Facebook Ad Refreshes Interrupt the Composition Process

imageSo I’m trying to edit a Facebook status, and every minute or so, when the ads on the right side of my screen refresh, and the cursor disappears from the editing area, I have to take my fingers off the keyboard (I’m using Chrome for iPad, with an after-market add-on keyboard) and tap the window to restore the browser’s focus. How depressing. Facebook’s interface is fighting against my intention to compose more than a few lines in this space.

I could, of course, use the official Facebook app, or I could just share memes.

I was writing nothing of huge importance, just my assessment of a link I’m sharing; but during those few minutes when I was casually creating, Facebook tells me “If you’re not consuming, we don’t want you here.”

Remember when the shallowness and myopia of blogging was going to destroy literate society altogether?

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