Out of the Zuckersphere, (back) into the Blogosphere

This is why I still blog. While commercial platforms like Facebook and Twitter are designed to keep you churning out new content that attracts shallow attention, a weblog encourages reflection, the exploration of lateral thinking and deep linking, and the accumulation of ideas (your chronologically sorted, taggable history of posts) over time.

Mark C. Marino says it well:

image[T]he problem with living your life on FB and Twitter is that while clever posts and link-sharing can gain you Klout and followers, it doesn’t accrue, not to mention it’s not publicly accessible, and while the well-liked post feels good in the moment, it affirms rather than builds community.

So, now I’m looking to move back into the Blogosphere. Yep, the old, dusty Web 2.0 blogspotty blogosphere, that wild and wily webspace where it’s all about the backlink and the blogroll rather than the friend, the favorite, and the RT.