Schiller schools internet on correct Apple device plurals, but Cook says “iPad Pros”

“Siri, is the world ready for Apple pod people who are also grammarians?”

According to Schiller, multiple Apple products should be referred to without pluralization, for example the plural of “iPhone” is “iPhone” or “iPhone devices.” It seems years of rampant misuse have taken their toll, finally and absolutely corroding the exec’s resolve to maintain an amiable public persona.

“It would be proper to say ‘I have 3 Macintosh’ or ‘I have 3 Macintosh computers,'” Schiller said, teetering on the edge of despair.

The definitive exposition came in response to a tweet by Andreessen Horowitz partner, analyst and longtime Apple terminology truther Benedict Evans, who earlier in the day referenced “iPads Pro.” An honest, albeit fatal, mistake. Or was it? —Apple Insider

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