Unmarked assignments in my queue: 0

13167187_884420491686663_682149365_nThis app, which sports a little red notification bubble showing the number of unmarked assignments on my to-do list, controls much of my life during the school year.

This app doesn’t show the number of committee meetings I have to attend, the minutes from committee meetings I have to post, the assigned tasks I have to complete before the next committee meeting, the number of course descriptions and syllabuses I have to write, the number of new textbooks I have to select and read, the number of assignments I have to revise to fit new textbooks, the number of conference presentations or proposals I have to finish.

It also doesn’t show how much of my lawn I have to mow, how close my wife’s van is to breaking down for good, how much of Man of La Mancha or A Midsummer Night’s Dream I have yet to memorize, how many games of chess my son would like me to play, how many chapters of Wuthering Heights I still have to read to my daughter, and so on.

My point being that yes, I feel relieved to have submitted my grades, but I don’t get a rest yet. I’m just doing all the stuff I put off while I was marking.

June. Come, sweet, sweet June.

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