Fake Kitsch! Not Really the 80s!

There is a part of me that misses the 80s. I miss the loud grating sound a floppy drive disk would make for a second or two before it loaded a new area of your text-based adventure game. You knew, when you heard that sound, that something important was happening.

Everything about this “How To Do the Thriller” dance video is loud and grating.

Note that I don’t actually miss the particular component of the 80s that centers on dance videos. (We didn’t have cable TV, so the whole MTV thing bypassed me.) I do miss the *idea* of the 80s, when we were all so stiff and shoulder-padded and boxy that close-ups of neon signs and fancy camera cuts could conceivably pass for cool.

According to the IMDB, this is from a 2008 series that spoofed the 80s. So this is Fake Kitsch!

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