Vulcan mind-melds from Star Trek: The Original Series, in the order that I can think of them…

  1. With Dr. Simon Van Gelder in Dagger of the Mind
  2. the Horta in Devil in the Dark;
  3. mirror Spock melds with McCoy in Mirror Mirror
  4. with Nomad the floating space probe in The Changeling.
  5. Kinda sorta with random guard (remotely projects the vague idea that the prisoners have escaped, so not really a meld) in… sorry, can’t think of the name of that episode… By any Other Name?
  6. At the end of Requiem for Methusula, Spock touches Kirk’s head and says “Forget,” which I take to be a form of mind meld;
  7. with Kirk’s consciousness in Janice Lester’s body in Turnabout Intruder (final aired episode of the original show);
  8. Alien who occupied Spock’s body used mind meld on Nurse Chapel in … oh goodness… ancient aliens preserved in glowing spheres borrow the bodies of Kirk, Spock and a guest leading lady to build themselves robot bodies… features two of the best Shatner monologues of the series. “Risk? Risk is our BUSINESS! THAT’s what this starship is all about. (Swelling music.) That’s why we’re ABOARD her!” Something about Tomorrow.
  9. Spectre of the Gun — with Kirk, Spock and Scotty, to convince the crew members the bullets they are facing in the OK Corral aren’t real.