Epic Game of Thrones pun battle. Carolyn Jerz Vs. Greg Kerestan

Here is the transcript the girl provided, of her pun battle with my former student and Stage Right’s resident lyricist & character actor Greg Kerestan:

C: Ya know why no one in Winterfell has Alzheimer’s?
G: Uh oh, punter is coming.
C: Because the north remembers!
G: Ha ha
C: Glad to see you’ve got a Sansa humor.
G: Laughing so hard I’m Tyrion up.
C: Cersei-ously
G: You think I’m Lyann(a) to you?
C: I Rickon you are.
G: I had to Ygritte my teeth to bare that one.
C: Jorah worthy opponent.
G: I must stand in Stark contrast to you other friends.
C: I think Snow.
G: I know nothing to counter that.
C: We Ned to stop, this is just Shae-meful.
G: It took me a Mormont to think of a response for that.
C: Yara terrible person.
G: I hate you, but only a Little (Finger)
C: That one put me at Bae-lish.
G: Umm…Hodor?
C: Arya giving up?
G: I am defeatEd (Sheeran minstrel cameo)
C: Are you Martelling me I won?!
G: I think you Wun Wun this round.
C: That’s toTully awesome!
G: Ok, you can stop.
C: A Girl has no desire to stop!
G: Staaap!
C: I got a Bran new one for ya!
C: Sorry, gtg run an Aron(d)!
G: Whhhhyyyy!?
Winner= Carolyn Jerz
Look out! Winner is coming!