Viral Video Vilifies Foul-ball Fan

A recent video that shows a kid in the bleachers bobbling a foul ball, and a man picking up the ball and presenting it to the woman next to him, doesn’t show what it seems to show.

Julian Green of the Cubs said in a statement, “Unfortunately, a video that was quickly posted and unverified has made a national villain out of an innocent man.”

The man doesn’t want to be identified, but said through the team, “Many foul balls came our way that day and were happily shared among the children in our area. No one left disappointed. I am not ‘that guy’ that the media and social media made me out to be.”

And the mother of the little boy issued her own endorsement of the stranger who sat behind her son and so freely shared the baseballs he snared: “The fans in his section left the game giddy with excitement from a great game,” she said. “Most of all our son, who had one of the best days of his life.”

Source: Opinion: When A Video Isn’t The Whole Story

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