I voice the role of Electron Jones in this audio detective series. The first episode was released today. I also made the posters with #Blender3D (my first project using the Cylces renderer). #design #drama #aesthetics

Making this illustration in Blender3D was almost as much fun as voicing the role of Electron Jones. This was my first project using the Cycles rendering engine.

In the first episode of “Electron Jones,” the narrator describes looking down on a “levi-train” as a lunar transport takes off into the twilight sky in the futuristic metropolis “Teslatown.”

Getting the text to conform to the circular line was a bear… I ended up converting a Blender font object to a mesh and just hauling the vertices around where I wanted them.

Here are pictures of the finished poster, an in-progress draft from about six weeks ago, and the original mockup approved by the client. I decided to move the atom image into the city scape because I liked the blue highlights against the orange sky.


Fun fact… for a brief section of my dissertation I studied the artwork of Hugh Ferriss, who published a book of architectural drawings that captured the ambition and beauty of urban landscapes. I’ve always been fascinated by his rendering of a penthouse cathedral, and was glad of the chance to create an homage.

We’ve already recorded three episodes. The first, in which my son plays the guest villain and my daughter two supporting roles, was was released today. If you like, you can subscribe to the podcast here.

Electron Jones on iTunes


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