Do you get your news mostly from social media? I check NPR, Drudge, and

Do you have a regular news-consumption routine? Facebook doesn’t want you to leave Facebook, so it’s algorithm favors posts that will keep you on Facebook, rather than links that will send you elsewhere.

I listen to a 5-minute podcast from NPR News Now about once a day, usually while I am doing my morning exercises. NPR leans left; it’s also great radio. Listening to a podcast curated by a human being means I’m likely to hear stories I wouldn’t ordinarily search for or click on.

I also check in with The Drudge Report, which leans right; it doesn’t offer much original content, but it pioneered online news aggregation and funnels a lot of traffic, which can often drive the day’s online debates.

Google News aggregates stories from sites around the world. Another useful feature is the “Fact check” sidebar. Take half a minute to check it out before you share that post that confirmed a deeply-held belief.

My main source of news is, which presents headlines from news sites around the nation and around the world. When there’s a breaking story, it will present links to many different sources. I like seeing how US stories appear to journalists in the UK, or the Arab world. I just noticed Google News has added a “Fact Check” sidebar.

I rarely visit newspaper front pages, and I only watch TV news when I teach a TV news critique lesson in my journalism class, but I’ve told Google News to show me regional stories, so I get a steady stream from multiple sources when I click the “local” tab.

Google also shows stories based on my web browsing history, so I see a lot of items about using technology to teach, theatre in New York, Star Trek, computer games, and whatever else I’ve been reading about.  I am perfectly happy to let Google feed me news stories that reflect my recent web browsing, but I don’t look at those personalized stories first. The point of getting the news is to learn something you don’t know, rather than getting a stream of content carefully designed to cater to your values.

After being burned too many times by clickbait, I’ve told Google not to show me any stories from low-value clickbait sites like Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and Upproxx. And when I got really pissed off that Newsweek took over my browser (with loud, disruptive auto-playing media) I permanently blocked my computer from accessing Newsweek.